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How an Ohio Surgery Center Embraces Price Transparency
The Ohio Surgery Center has been offering transparent pricing since its inception. Administrator Suzi Walton told Becker’s ASC Review how the process has been transitioning the ASC to a new way of offering that transparency and why other surgery centers should follow suit. That solution is Clariti Health.

Mississippi Healthcare Transparency Stalls

October 6, 2019 In the 2019 legislative term, Mississippi introduced legislation to promote consumer pricing transparency (HB 737). However, the measure did not pass. While movement has not been seen on the state level, President Trump signed a...

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Louisiana Healthcare Transparency Stalls

August 27, 2019 In the 2019 legislative term, Louisiana introduced legislation to tackle surprise and balance billing (HB 371, HB 374). However, neither measure passed: While movement has not been...

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Healthcare in Delaware Pins its Hopes on Transparency

August 27, 2019 Delaware ranks 3rd highest per capita in health-care spending, with per capita health-care costs more than 27 percent above the U.S. average, behind only Alaska and Massachusetts:

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Arkansas Early Leader in Healthcare Cost Transparency

August 20, 2019 In 2015, Arkansas set out to be an early leader in healthcare pricing transparency by passing legislation to aggregate claims data to harness the free market with the goal of driving consumers to low cost, high quality providers;...

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Florida Plans to Dial Up Healthcare Cost Transparency

August 20, 2019 Florida knows all too well how difficult it can be to deliver on the promise of healthcare pricing transparency. The Governor however is committed to making the possibility of harnessing the free market with the goal of driving...

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