"We think it's brilliant what you have created."

Welcome to Clariti's Wall of Fame.

We were lucky to collect any portion of the patient cost share prior to the date of service. With Clariti, we get about 1/3 of our patients to pay online and about the same number call the center to pay by phone, all before ever stepping foot in our facility!

ASC Consultant, Chicago, IL

We have found that your patient benefits are spot on, especially related to surgical benefits. We have not found that to be the case with other products we have reviewed.

ASC Administrator, Columbus, OH

We used to do a good job with DOS collections, but since implementing Clariti, we’ve seen a 50% increase in DOS patient payments; all in the middle of a pandemic!

ASC Administrator, Suffolk, VA

Clariti has definitely improved our upfront collections and our patient satisfaction scores have increased.

ASC Admin, Virginia

Our date of service collections are up 175% and our average A/R is below 30 days for the first time in our history.
Business Office Manager, Hampton, VA

You just really need to do this. We are standardizing on this solution. You will get a 10X return like our other centers have.

COO, Management Company

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the quick turnaround to get Clariti & Catalyst working for our facility. It is awesome.
ASC Admin, Indiana

In our first quarter of use Clariti identified 11 cases that would have had inactive insurance at the time of surgery and we would have previously performed those cases.

ASC Admin, Florida

Since using Clariti, patients are loving the ease and convenience of being able to securely pay their surgical costs ahead of time via their phone or computers. Patients also have a much better understanding of the fees associated with their upcoming surgery because of the quote explanations. We are loving it!

We lost one of our two full-time pre-verification specialists during our implementation of Clariti and Simple Pay. Based on our experience we have decided we did not need to replace that person.

Business Office Manager, Allentown, PA

Prior to Clariti we had a real problem with overestimating cost shares and spent way too much time issuing refunds on the back end. With Clariti our estimates are accurate and have substantially decreased time issuing refund checks. Also, we had 2 FTEs scheduling cases and verifying insurance. One of our FTEs resigned and, after implementing Clariti, we did not feel the need to replace her.

Business Office Director, Management Company

Collecting upfront with Clariti means not sending patients to collection. World of difference.
ASC Executive Director, MN

We are collecting so much more prior to service because of your program. Night and day.

Administrator, RN, Manhattan, NY

We have been getting quite a few payments upfront every day with Clariti. I love it!

Administrator, Santa Monica, CA

We have loved the addition of Clariti to our facility operations! Highly recommend! We have looked at upgrading EMRs and have found no business office platform that can do what you’re doing. Truly innovative.

ASC Administrator, MO

Our testing has concluded that you are providing 98.9% accuracy in the patient estimates you are producing.

VP, Revenue Cycle

I absolutely love Clariti!
ASC Adminstrator

You have an amazing product!
ASC Administrator

This is amazing! Please keep impressing me.
Chief Executive Officer

Where were you guys when I was running an ASC?!
VP of Revenue Cycle

I am not sure how I ever got through my day before Clariti!
ASC Administrator

Clariti really opened our eyes to needing to improve the information we were gathering by highlighting bad information that would impact reimbursement.

ASC Administrator

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