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The shift towards value is underway and leading providers are taking advantage of the opportunities this will afford.

While healthcare providers have always focused on patient outcomes and improvement, national initiatives are developing standards and studies to incorporate patient reported outcomes into standard practice. Patient reported outcomes focus less on the patient experience and sentiment, and more specifically on the treatment outcome. CMS is incorporating outcomes into long-term reimbursement models, while national associations and accrediting bodies are developing standards and measures for public and private use. This is driving leading health systems and providers to seek to get ahead of the curve in establishing standards and baselines in measuring outcomes to drive continual improvement in clinical practice.

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How Outcomes Works

The Outcomes platform allows providers to affordably add patient reported outcomes to their standard practice. Outcomes questionnaires are based on industry standard templates, where applicable, while customizable to meet individual organization and provider requirements. Questionnaires may be tied to specific clinical pathways and administered over time to understand changing quality of life, pain, mobility and other important indicators.

Outcomes is fully cloud based and requires no onsite hardware or software. The software is intuitive and can be learned in minutes.
Setup and Maintenance
Outcomes puts no additional burden on busy staff and providers. Clariti Health handles all the setup and maintenance.
Provider dashboards and analytics are available to review and extract the outcome data.