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Understanding government and managed care contracts and reimbursement and is complex business. Payors have the tools necessary to manage this process, often in their favor. Impact is our online platform designed specifically for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) seeking to level the field and maximize reimbursement.

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How Impact Works

Our cloud based software is intuitive and hides the complexities of the details of complex contracts. Business staff can use the tool, after a brief training session, plugging patient and procedure information into the calculator to immediately understand the allowable amount, patient responsibility and any payor restrictions that could limit or negate reimbursement.
Patient Collections
Impact maximizes patient collections, prior to the case, by preparing a summary for the patient that outlines their financial responsibility and pre-surgery payment expectations. Patients appreciate the simplicity in which this information is presented.
Impact also reduces ASC business office operations costs by improving staff efficiency, reducing errors, and minimizing post-surgery patient collections.
Impact identifies how to maximize reimbursement while reducing denials by identifying proper procedure and implant claim requirements.
Clariti Health takes on the responsibility of entering and maintaining your contracts, providing regular updates to your ASCs contract profiles as terms change. Reliance on key business office individuals to understand complex contract rules is eliminated.
Impact’s dashboards and reports provide staff with work queues and alerts, and facility leaders with concise reporting.

The end result? Improved cash flow and financial performance, reduced risk, informed patients and a more efficient business office.