Continual improvement and advancing the patient experience is at the heart of Clariti Health’s Experience platform. We gather feedback, in the voice of the patient, to provide our clients with meaningful information to assess and improve. We can work with any type of healthcare provider.

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How Experience Works

Experience connects with patients to gather feedback on their visit and care. We strive to shorten the feedback cycle with our targeted electronic surveying, which also reduces costs and is preferred by patients.

Our survey technology is fully customizable, meeting the needs of all providers across the continuum of care.

Experience is fully cloud based and requires no onsite hardware or software. The software is intuitive and can be learned in minutes.
We will work with you to identify any metrics in which you would like to receive immediate attention to any reported patient issues so you can take action.
Our dashboards and analytics will provide you with the information you need to monitor your patient experience and drive your continual improvement process.