As technologists with more than 30 years experience in applying technology to complex problems in healthcare, we understand the importance of solid choices in technology and design. We have seen the evolution from mainframes, mini-computers, networked personal computers, and so on. While the platforms and tools evolve, what doesn’t is our commitment to systems that are easy to implement and use, secure, scalable and focused on client and patient needs.

Clariti Health’s product platforms are based on cloud and mobile friendly technology. Cloud computing offers Clariti’s clients and patients the ability to connect to our products using the device of their choosing and, other than Internet access, require no investment in hardware or software. Our servers and data reside in highly secure data centers that ensure access and security while eliminating all headaches clients used to have to consider when managing systems.

Many of the world’s leading companies have moved to the cloud and Clariti’s clients will benefit from the following:

Accessibility. We understand your busy schedule. Our products are ready for use in minutes, not weeks or months.

Easy to Learn. The software has a standard user interface found in most web applications, making learning the application easy.

Analytics. Our built-in analytics provide you with the alerts, dashboards and reports you need.

Mobile Friendly. Our products are mobile ready, allowing access from commonly used mobile devices.

Collaboration. Clariti’s products offer the ability to improve communications and workflow with colleagues, patients and partners.

Value. We are able to pass on cost savings to our clients.

Lastly we partner with leading companies that share these values to bring a complete, secure and valuable service to our clients.

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